• First, via telephone, and/or in person
  • To be done by Penelope Dixon or Karen Gaines
  • Always pro bono

* If funds are needed PCPP will obtain funding through grants and benefactors interested in photography preservation. 


  • Non-specific organization at box level
  • If boxes must be ordered, payment by artist until such time as grant money is available (if applicable), arrangement of purchase and delivery by artist.
  • Work to be done by various freelance professionals
  • Fees dependent on person doing work and ability of artist to pay: from $50 to $150 per hour with a suggested 20% as a donation going to PCPP.


  • Basic database supplied by PCPP or Excel sheet set up; level of cataloging to be determined by our staff and processing archivist(s).
  • Fees as above, from $50 to $150 per hour . 
  • Payment of  the cost of the database platform (i.e., Filemaker, Access, etc.) by the artist.*

*NOTE: This work may, or may not, be needed by prospective institutions or appraisers.


  • This will only be necessary if 1) the artist is going to sell his/her work to a specific institution or to a potential donor, or syndicate of donors or 2) if an institution wants an idea of the value before accepting the work.
  • Fees between $150 and $350 per hour.

* The appraiser will need to answer to all of the questions noted on our Questions For Photographers page.



This work will be done at any one of three stages: 1) after initial meeting depending on goals of artist; 2) after organizational and/or cataloging work has been completed; or 3) after an appraisal is done.  This work will be done by Penelope or Karen and will be billed at $100 per hour. If a placement, or sale, is successful and the artist/archive receives some payment for their work, then a placement fee will be negotiated for PCPP based on the value of the collection placed or sold.