fee based Services


The Photography Collections Preservation Project (PCPP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultural preservation. The services we provide range from initial consultations on a variety of archival issues to full-service organization and placement of archives with collecting institutions.

If you are interested in working with PCPP, please schedule a consultation by submitting the intake form that follows.



Collection Organization

Every archive has special organization requirements driven by the photographer’s individual practice.  In organizing the collection, PCPP will

  • Evaluate the scope of the archive
  • Determine the appropriate organizational approach for physical and intellectual access to the collection
  • Organize in archival boxes and folders with subject and/or chronological headings
  • Create a collection overview using a selection of representative images, digitizing them as necessary.

Initial Consultation

PCPP is available as a resource to photographers and their estates to answer questions on organization, digitization, placement, appraisal, and related issues.


Creation of the Catalogue

After preserving and processing materials, then selectively digitizing them to best represent the collection, PCPP will

  • Devise a hierarchy for digital files consistent with the organization of the physical archive
  • Create file names according to best practices of relevant institutions
  • Create a database to facilitate search and access*

* This work may, or may not, be needed by a prospective acquiring institution or appraisers.


This work will be done at any one of three stages: 1) after initial consultation and understanding of the artist’s or owner’s goals for the collection; 2) after organizational and/or cataloging work has been completed; or 3) after an appraisal is finalized.  To guide placement of the archive, PCPP will

  • Create a written guide to the archive
  • Create the archive overview*

* Minimum 15-hour work



This will only be necessary 1) if the artist is going to sell his/her work to an institution, a potential donor, or a syndicate of donors; or 2) if an institution requires it before accessioning the work.

    Solicitation of Grants

    When possible, PCPP will research and apply for grants on behalf of collections for their archival needs.


    The services are provided for an hourly fee or pro bono (by application). The Executive Director and Board determine which projects qualify for pro bono services through a formal rating system that takes into account the overall excellence and community impact of the collection, as well as the photographer’s or estate’s alignment with PCPP’s mission.

    • Service fee: $150/hr (except solicitation of grants)
    • Solicitation of grants: $110/hr
    • When placement or sale with an appropriate institution results in payment for the collection, a percentage fee will be negotiated based on value received.