Collette V. Fournier

Collette V. Fournier is a native New Yorker and lives in Rockland County, NY. A retired college photographer, Fournier continues to teach photography at Rockland Community College.

Fournier received her MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BS degree in Communications and Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Fournier has worked as a staff photographer for The Rockland Journal-News, The Bergen Record, about...time magazine, and freelanced for The New York Post. Earlier in her career, she also worked in the television industry.

Fournier travels extensively and is writing a personal narrative on her journey into photography. She has presented her photographs in 12 solo exhibitions and 50 group shows, and actively exhibits her “Retrospective Series: Spirit of a People.” In addition to being an active member of the African American photography collective Kamoinge Inc., Fournier is currently working with The CEJJES Institute team to create a Black Cultural and Arts Museum in Rockland County. Fournier’s work can be seen on

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All images courtesy of Collette V. Fournier. In order of appearance:

Alexis Retirement, Queens, NY, 2010

Bucket in White, Garth Fagan Dance, Rochester, NY, 1983

Door of No Return, Elmina Castle, Elmina, Ghana, 2017

Olga Bloom, Violinist, Brooklyn, NY, 1975

TV Self-Portrait, Rochester, NY, 1985