We would very much like to hear about your archive as it exists currently and regardless of whether or not you have a specific plans for it. These are questions for both the artist, estate, and PCPP to consider when assessing a work plan.

What comprises your archive?

Approximately how many of the following are in the archive? Specify sizes, media, and print types -- i.e. Exhibition Quality or Work Prints -- for each category, as best you can, and what prints are signed, if any:

  • early prints
  • modern prints
  • contact sheets
  • negatives
  • transparencies

What ephemera are we looking for?

Correspondence and other papers such as caption envelopes; agency and gallery documents, if they are in your possession; journals and diaries; exhibition pamphlets, postcards, and announcements; press.

How is your archive organized?

  • how many files?
  • how many boxes?
  • how is your archive cataloged? 
  • finding aids?

What is the ultimate goal for the archive?

  • is there an institution, museum, library or individual interested in your work?

Who owns the copyright to your work currently?